Wednesday, August 09, 2006

40,000 Israeli Troops Mass - What Next?

Israel has massed 40,000 troops on the border, the security cabinet has approved expanding the war to the Litani River, and there is a new commander over the IDF. It would appear that after a less than success campaign that most experts admit was far short of the required all-out assault required, it is now ready to be launched if that is the call. The military campaign that many thought had begun time after time over the past month, could be on, but it could be a UN pressure move. We won't know probably until tomorrow. Lots happening in the Israeli - Hezbollah war, and no doubt much more will happen at a blistering pace over the next several days and weeks. Here is a recap of happenings over the past few days and hours:

IDF Given Green Light to Invade by Security Cabinet:

The security cabinet, by a vote of 9-0 with three abstentions, approved plans to expand the IDF ground operation to the Litani, which at some points is 30 kilometers from the border, in order to take out the Katyusha launchers that have wreaked havoc on northern Israel over the past month..........

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: We Will Turn Lebanon into graveyard for IDF:

"You won't be able to stay in our land, and if you come in, we'll force you out," said Nasrallah in a recorded speech shown on Hizbullah's television station. "We will turn our precious southern land into a graveyard for the invading Zionists."....................

Hezbollah Denies Iranian Dead Fighting with Hezbollah:

Hizbullah denied late Wednesday that soldiers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were fighting among its forces in south Lebanon. According to Channel 10, Iranian fighters' bodies were discovered in the wake of fierce battles between Hizbullah and IDF forces in south Lebanon.

IDF has pushed 10 miles into Southern Lebanon:

Israeli forces pushed about 10 km (6 miles) into south Lebanon early on Thursday, further forward than they have reached before in the four-week conflict, witnesses said. They said Israeli troops, supported by heavy artillery shelling, were at the outskirts of the village of Dibeen. (Reuters)

Wounded Israeli Solders Evacuated So Far:

Nine soldiers that have been hurt in south Lebanon battles were evacuated to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa so far. Another 21 wounded were evacuated to the Nahariya hospital, four of them are in moderate condition and the others sustained light injuries.

If you have not bookmarked the Jerusalem Post & YNet, both which are Israeli newspapers in English, you should. They have the most current coverage on this conflict.....................

The early Israeli strategy has not been successful which was to use limited ground forces and bomb Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon via an air campaign. It didn't work thus the reason for the new strategy that Israel is broadcasting is ready to be launched. Reports are that the Israeli strategy will be to race to the Litani River and form a controlled border. Then they will work back and encircle and choke off the pockets of Hezbollah and eliminate them. Israel didn't want a massive ground invasion but unfortunately I don't think the UN will solve this and a full force attack will have to occur.

Speaking of the UN resolution options here is the key to any UN plan from the mouth of the Lebanese army, Lebananese Option?:

Early Saturday, a Lebanese Army soldier engaged Israeli commandos that landed for a raid in the southern city of Tyre. The soldier and his armored vehicle were destroyed; six more soldiers died Sunday. "If we have a UN cease-fire, the army is the perfect tool to play the role ... If Hizbullah is disarmed," says a Lebanese general who once held broad intelligence responsibilities, and who asked not to be named. "But if Hizbullah is not disarmed, the army is not capable."

France Caves:

France, supporting Beirut, would like to see Israel begin withdrawing when 15,000 Lebanese troops move south to areas controlled by Hizbollah. The United States and Israel say this cannot happen before a planned strong international force arrives, which France may lead...........

Well they have a nose for a military plan that will fail, do they not........................

Without a strong UN force that can disarm Hezbollah, a UN force is worthless..............It would be a great solution if the Lebanese military could take control of Southern Lebanon, but they can't. Hezbollah controls Lebanese territory not the Lebanese military, which when you go full circle is the whole reason for this war.......................