Friday, August 04, 2006

Hezbollah Infrastructure in Ruins

Michael Trotten guest blogging at Instapundit has two good posts up covering the Hezbollah – Israeli conflict. First an aerial photo of the Hezbollah HQ area in the Haret Hreik neighborhood:


Massive damage to the Hezbollah infrastructure…………………

Second his post on the danger Hezbollah faces in not being able to deliver on their promises to their Shiite followers in terms of services and economic necessities. Real fear that their followers will deem the cost of the war too high that Hezbollah started by kidnapping the Israeli soldiers, if they can not delivery services after the conflict. Via Al Bawaba:

Even now, despite the united front exhibited by Lebanon's political parties following the Qana carnage, concerns are being voiced by Lebanese Shiites over Hizbullah's foresight regarding ensuing economic and social consequences when it decided to capture two Israeli soldiers. These voices have also expressed concern over how Nasrallah is to fulfill his vow to refugees for a quick return to their homes…………………….In sum, after the current Lebanon war has ended, a long period of rehabilitation will be required to get Lebanon back on its feet. The effort will require significant international action, whereas Hizbullah may be left with a relatively negligible role in the process.

There are many and multiple measure that will need to be taken when this is all over, to see what the exact damage to Hezbollah has been………………………