Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bush Signs Lobbyist Reform Bill

This sounds like a good development that would be wonderful if it turned into a nation-wide trend:

Florida Lobbyists Law

In Florida, Governor Bush has signed legislation that clamps down on lobbyists who intend to "buy" the votes of lawmakers instead of proving that their interest is best for the lawmakers constituents based on merit:

Gov. Jeb Bush signed a law Tuesday banning lobbyists from plying lawmakers and officials with food, wine and gifts.........................

The law, which would apply to state officials and employees who are required to file financial disclosures, was passed during a special legislative session earlier this month and takes effect New Year's Day.

Governor Bush stated:

"the new law moves Florida from the middle nationally to "the front of the pack in terms of sending a signal on integrity."

Legislators at all levels should be able to hear the pitch of all people including lobbyists, however, receiving luxurious gifts and trips to hear such pitches is not the best vehicle for such discussions, for obvious reasons. Lets hope this does become a trend because it is much overdue.........................