Monday, December 12, 2005

Talent & Feinstein Add Meth Provision To Patriot Act

The Patriot Act has an "add-on" provision intended to help in the combat of methamphetamines, and one of the sponsors is Missouri Senator Jim Talent:

Meth Act

Per the Washington Times:

A conference report by Senate and House negotiators to extend for four years provisions of the USA Patriot Act includes a comprehensive anti-methamphetamine package restricting the sale of products containing ingredients needed to cook the drug and providing new tools to police and prosecutors to combat dealers.

Talent has a strange partner in this provision and its Dianne Feinstein Dem. California:

Mrs. Feinstein said the legislation "strikes a blow" against an ongoing meth epidemic. "The heart of this legislation is a strong standard for keeping pseudoephedrine products out of the hands of meth cooks," she said. "There were some who wanted to water down this legislation, but Senator Talent and I stood firm."

The fact that Feinstein and Talent can be partners on a provision to the Patriot Act is a strange thing indeed to me. Makes me wonder if the this whole Washington political party thing is not in fact just cover.............................................................It's moments like this that I could be nudged into becoming "more" of a libertarian........

How will Talent's move play out here in Missouri? I guess "very" strongly given the horrible damage that meth is doing in so many of the counties in the state. Missouri is regarded as one of the Meth capitals and its a very horrible drug that kills people in a matter of months. That said I think others will have issues with the inclusion of math law enforcement powers in a controversial and powerful act, given it has nothing to do with terrorism. In fact Instapundit has just such issues:


I agree with Glenn.............Although I think Meth is a huge issue and we need to put resources in place to address it, it's not terrorism and the Patriot Act is suppose to be about terrorism 100%.

I don't think Talent will have political fall out over the meth add-on to the Patriot Act in Missouri, rather I think it will be a win for him come election day. If I'm wrong he can have Dianne come in and support him. I can tell you if that happens, I'm definitely declaring myself a libertarian....................................