Tuesday, August 23, 2005

St Louis Post Dispatch Offers Early Retirement Package

Here is an interesting little piece on our beloved local ultra-liberal newspaper the St. Louis Post Dispatch, via Editor & Publisher:

Post Offer

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which recently passed from Pulitzer to Lee Enterprises ownership, circulated an internal memo Monday outlining a plan to cut costs and work force with a new, one-time-only “Voluntary Retirement Incentive” for those over the age of 50.

Here is a copy of the memo via poynter:


Well, I don't know how this might affect the political activism of the Post, and it might well have no impact. That said it is yet another step in recent months taken by a new owner who is running the paper more like a business instead of a political action committee. I say it can't be bad news if some of the worst and most biased on the staff take the early package. The problem is that I doubt many editors will be part of the early package, and that is where the Post needs turn-over.

Here would be my wish list for those opting for the package and if they are not 50 years old, perhaps the Post will make exceptions:

Ellen Soeteber Editor; Arnie Robbins Managing Editor; Terrance Egger President & Publisher; Matt Kraner General Manager; Christine Bertelson Editorial Page Editor; and Eric the Mink Op-Ed Editor.

As you can see from my wish list, there are no columnists rather the management of the paper who have shaped and continue to shape it as a liberally biased agenda driven publication. If these six people were replaced, there is no doubt that the Post Dispatch would move into a position to become a more credible and believable publication. As long as this gang of six control the agenda of the paper, things will not change much.

As the memo states, 50 years old is a very young age to offer such a package and gives one a chance to take up a second career. Since the six above have been producing political operative material for the DNC for sometime now, perhaps an opportunity at MoveOn.org will open up. Their qualified...........

Can't wait to read Wild Bill McClellan's article on the "early retirement offer", as it will probably be a doosie....................................................