Friday, August 19, 2005

Bush - Sheehan - War - Economy Poll Numbers

And the Rasmussen polling data for the week show:


President Bush

44% Approve
55% Disapprove

Bush’s poll numbers are one point above the lowest ever, and this summer has not been good for the Presidents polling numbers. A huge factor on the polling numbers has been the cost of gas and how that concern shows up in the Consumer Confidence Index poll:

Today 102.2
1 Month Ago: 110.3

The rise in gas prices is strongly influencing 8 point lower polling number results. The Presidents approval numbers and the Consumer Confidence numbers almost match exactly the same trend. War on Terror views have also shifted lower by 6% over three months ago

War on Terror

38% US/Allies Winning
36% Terrorist Winning
66% US/Allies Winning (Republicans)
19% Terrorist Winning (Republicans)
20% US/Allies Winning (Democrats)
50% Terrorists (Democrats)

Republicans poll much more confident on this question with a huge 46% margin.

And Cindy Sheehan has some polling numbers out:

35% Favorable
38% Unfavorable
25% Very Closely Following
30% Somewhat Following
27% Not Very Closely
15% Not At All

Not very impressive numbers for someone who has been getting heaps of positive coverage from the MSM. A 35% favorable is rock bottom Jimmy Carter like, given the portrait that the MSM has painted of a grieving mother while leaving out the worst of the radical statements she has been making. With all the coverage she has gotten 72% surveyed said there basically are not all that interested in her or her message, per the following – not following numbers.

Bottom line summary:

Bush has had a rough couple months no doubt about that and gas prices are the leading reason for the poll numbers being down I say. I think they are as low as they can go given his base, and as the news improves on gas & Iraq, the numbers will start going up this fall. The war support has slipped some but it will start coming back up when the constitutional draft is completed, is voted on, and the insurgency starts to collapse with the elections and greater security responsibility is assumed by the Iraqis. Cindy Sheehan is a non- factor from the polling data we see here. Sounds like she was the slow summer story for the press pool on vacation with the President in Crawford……………


Powerline has the same basic post up this PM and of course I think it's right on target: