Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ACLU Suing Pest Control Company

The ACLU is looking out for you, or maybe they are looking out for the crooks:

ACLU - Orlando

Per the AP:

George Crossley, head of the American Civil Liberties Union chapter in Central Florida, said the ACLU will file public-records requests to find out whether police agencies have enlisted other businesses in a similar regional program begun last year. "This is a misguided attempt by the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the (Orange-Osceola) State Attorney's Office to intentionally turn neighbors against neighbors," Crossley said in a news conference held on a sidewalk next to the Orlando Sentinel.

"It is nothing more than crime watch, the same (program) that has been in existence from more than 30 years ago," said Barry Murray, vice president of marketing at Truly Nolen's Hallandale office. "Whoever came up with this idea that somehow we're getting special police training for the purpose of spying on people is blatantly false." Murray said company workers would spot anything unusual in neighborhoods and report it to police.

Someone needs to explain to George and the ACLU gang that probably 99.9% of most people would not only agree with the crime watch tactic, but also appreciate it.
Besides it’s bad enough that those guys from Truly Nolen have to drive around in cars with giant mouse ears and a big mouse tail, they certainly don’t need to be hassled by another pest like the ACLU……………………………….