Thursday, May 05, 2005

Terrorism – It Will Age You

A great post with pictures that greatly enhance the message of the post:

Really Bad Hair Days

They say doing time is hard, and in the case of these guys the time they were doing was living in rat holes and underground. Ah, the glamorous life of being an Islamic terrorist operative and making your home in the shadows.

I can’t help but remember the Presidents speech after 911 when he told us that this war would be a long and difficult one. It has been long and difficult and will continue to be so. He also promised that they can run and they can hide, but we are going to get them sooner or later, and we are. He said wanted dead or alive, and we are getting some alive although they look more dead than alive, and others we are getting in a charred state.

Either way works for me. Intelligence gained from this latest terrorist (Abu Faraj 3rd in Al Qaeda), should provide a wealth of information about the others still living in rat holes and hiding in the bowels of society.