Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leftist Mexican Candidate to Take Appeal to the Street

What is it about leftists and when they lose an election, it's "always" a conspiracy, never a win for their opponent and their opponents platform? The phenomenon transcends international borders and became the "battle cry" of the lefty candidate in Mexico who appears to have lost, again in the recount:

Conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon won a narrow victory on Thursday in an election that divided Mexico, but his leftist rival vowed to fight the result in the courts and on the streets..................

He also called a rally of supporters in Mexico City's vast central square for Saturday, raising fears of street protests and further unrest as well as weeks of legal wrangling similar to that which followed the U.S. presidential election in 2000.

"We cannot recognize or accept these results," he said.

Not accepting voting results and taking the election fraud to the street and to the courts, how lefty indeed, Call in Jimmy Carter.................I suppose it never crosses the mind of socialist candidates that the masses even in a country where millions are leaving to come here, don't think that a socialist ideology is all that appealing........................