Monday, July 03, 2006

Greatest Blessing of Liberty: Self Destiny

The greatest blessing of liberty to me personally is that each and every American has the ability and opportunity to define what and who they become. From our professions, religious beliefs, political ideology, we are free to decide each one of those destinies along with countless important others.

No other country in the world comes close to ensuring the freedoms we enjoy that in turn allow such self defined destinations. Ask a recent immigrant from just about any country in the world what the difference is if you doubt the significance. Along that topic line, I enjoyed the way Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian-born scholar who immigrated to the US addressed that question in his American Enterprise article titled What’s So Great About America?

In America your destiny is not prescribed; it is constructed. Your life is like a blank sheet of paper and you are the artist. This notion of being the architect of your own destiny is the incredibly powerful idea that is behind the worldwide appeal of America. Young people especially find the prospect of authoring their own lives irresistible. The immigrant discovers that America permits him to break free of the constraints that have held him captive, so that the future becomes a landscape of his own choosing………..

The fact that every single American is the architect of their own destiny is for me the greatest blessing of liberty indeed……………………….Happy Fourth of July to one and all…………………………..