Tuesday, February 14, 2006

University of Illinois Suspends Editors of School Paper

Most MSM sources have decided not to publish the Mohammed Cartoons, and not provide their subscribers and viewers the images that have been at the center of the biggest news story these past several days. The student paper at the University of Illinois however decided to print the cartoons and let their customers see for themselves what the cartoons were all about. Today however per the Post the editors have been suspended:

Two high-ranking editors of the student newspaper at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign say they were suspended Tuesday after they decided to run some of the controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad last week.

The editors who decided to run the cartoons are not backing down:

Acton Gorton, the editor in chief, and Chuck Prochaska, the opinions editor, said Tuesday that they stand behind their decision to print the cartoons that have sparked controversy around the world.

The board that suspended the student editors had this to say:

The board went on to say that while it did not necessarily disagree with the decision to run the cartoons, it disagreed with the process of how the cartoons made it into the paper..................

Sort of for freedom of speech but not totally.............We were for freedom of speech before we were not totally for it? There are appropriate filters when it comes to freedom of speech silly college students............

Sounds like Gorton & Prochaska should be holding some classes for lots of their elders in the MSM.............................

The Post has a blog up discussing this matter: here