Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eric Mink - Dumber Than Dumb

The Post Dispatch breaks their silence, and attacks the subscibers over the Mohammad Cartoons. After Eric Mink's attack against those who expect the paper to at least address the matter of the Mohammad Cartoons, there is no doubt that the paper has fallen to the level that it must have a Reader Advocate - Ombudsman..............................

The Post is discussing that HERE

If you did not see it, Eric Mink and the Editoral/Op-Ed staff after days of silence had something to say, here is what they said: Mink"

Here in the editorial department, we sometimes employ a sophisticated intellectual shorthand to summarize complex situations and arcane concepts. So permit me — in addressing the current controversy over newspaper publication of images of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam — this sophisticated, intellectual observation: “Riots bad; freedom good.”

Having made the obvious points, I can’t decide who’s dumber: those who believe that beating people and torching buildings honor Mohammed and his teachings or those who believe there’s something honorable about insulting someone else’s religion simply to prove that they can.

So let me ask you, are you dumber than the people burning embassies for asking the Post to address this matter and give it correct coverage? Until the attack on the subscribers today, there had been nothing, and now the subscribers are dumber than the intolerant people burning embassies?

Reader Advocate - Ombudsman is seriously needed...............................