Sunday, January 22, 2006

St. Louis Post Dispatch Attempts to Scold Subscribers

The Post Dispatch ran an editorial Op-Ed today that was just hilarious. It was an incredibly embarrassing attempt to redirect its subscribers from connecting the dots that OBL sounded like he was repeating the editorial points of the Post the past year in his recent tape:


IT'S A MARK of how polarized this nation has become when the man responsible for the deaths of more than 3,000 Americans issues more threats and the first reaction by many people is to play politics with it.

If there's one thing on which this nation, right and left, Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, should agree, it's that Osama bin Laden is a war criminal, not a talking point. That four years and four months after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, he remains capable of taunting this nation is an embarrassment. His words need to be condemned, not debated. His voice needs to be silenced, not analyzed.

Lets get this straight, Osma bin Laden produces his first tape in a year and his message is largely a reproductions of the views and opinions that we have been hearing from the left leaning politicians, reading in the St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial page and other liberal media organizations, and the Post scolds it's readers for connecting those obvious dot? You have to be kidding.......................

Instead of an immediate and serious self analysis of why the OBL message is a repeat of their own, the Post attempt to scold their subscribers for pointing out these obvious facts? The worlds number one terrorist is repeating to a large extent the analysis the Post has been printing for years in its product, and the Post is not deeply concerned with that? The Post has reached a new low, the product is pathetic, lacks any credibility, and is quite frankly an embarrassment to the region. Maybe we should check the Post's Op-Ed department for OBL, because based on what he said in his tape he could be writing editorials under a pen name at the Post.

Scolding readers for recognizing that their editorials sound like the source document that OBL used for his tape? Incredible.....................................