Friday, December 30, 2005

FBI Investigating Intel Leak of NSA Eavesdropping

We now have an investigation into a "real" and "serious" intel leak:

NSA Leak Investigation

Per Fox:

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of information to the media about a domestic eavesdropping program run by the National Security Agency, senior Justice Department officials confirmed Friday.

The Bush administration has been under attack from insiders within the intelligence community for years who have a higher interest in political points rather than their primary job to protect this country. The Fox story gets it very right with these quotes:

"These politically motivated leaks must stop," Hoekstra, of Michigan, said in a statement.........................

"We've reached a critical mass," Turzanski said. "There's too much damage to our national security capabilities, to critical information and to the war-fighting effort. And that is where this urgency comes in."...........................

It will be interesting to see how strongly American opinion is for strong prosecution of those responsible for leaking the intelligence and those responsible for publishing it, if the facts show that laws were broken. I think the public sentiment will in fact be very much in favor of strong prosecution if laws were broken, and if laws were broken I think we will have prosecution that is long overdue.

A strong majority of Americans (64%) believe that the President has the right, power, and duty to intercept phone calls from suspected terrorist in other countries who make calls to people residing here in the United States.

Leaking classified information that puts our country at risk is a serious offense. The President clearly and effectively outlined the damage done by this leak of classified information and the harm it does:

Bush said on Dec. 17 the NSA program was disclosed after information was "improperly provided to news organizations." "As a result our enemies have learned information they should not have, and the unauthorized disclosure of this effort damages our national security and puts our citizens at risk. Revealing classified information is illegal, alerts our enemies, [and] endangers our country," Bush said.

The president has also described the leak as "shameful," saying the program's disclosure gives terrorists the upper hand.

Those within the intelligence community with political agendas nor the media are above the law. They are accountable to act within the laws of this land just like every other citizen. Nothing would go further in cleaning-up the intelligence community than the prosecution and conviction of those responsible for leaking information that is illegal, if that is what in fact occurred.............................

It's also time the MSM to stopped acting like they are some fourth branch of government, and start acting like news organizations. The blind hatred of "All Things Bush" and the MSM's sell out pursuit to "Get Bush" are putting our country at risk and that is way over the line.

If plunging subscription rates, plunging advertising revenue, and plunding public confidence polls don't get the MSM's attention that they have a bad and biased product, maybe convictions and jail time for breaking the law will finally be that break through moment.............................


Flopping Aces has a good round-up on the NSA Leak Investigations here

There are reports that the identity of those who leaked the intel is already known per Red State:

Sorry All, I was on the phone trying to get some dirt on this. So far, the strong RUMOR is that they know who did it and it is more than one person. The investigation is already underway, and reporters WILL be questioned.

Makes me think that although the predictable "Bush is attacking the freedom of press" argument is sure to come from the left and be promoted by the MSM themselves, this time the Intel leak clean-up initiative seems to have a different feel, a committed feel. It seems that the administration might just be ready to take action to fix this problem that is long overdue. Let's hope so...................................