Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Azahari Husin Dead - Blown Up

Word this evening that al Qaeda's top leader in Indonesia and the most wanted terrorist in Asia, Azahari Husin is believed to have expired:


The authorities have to do a DNA test because it appears that Husin might have blown himself up as the authorities closed in and a shoot-out erupted:

It is not known if the man, believed to be Dr Azahari, was shot dead or had killed himself. The Star previously reported that Dr Azahari strapped his body with explosives as he did not wish to be captured alive........

According to news agencies, local TV stations in Jakarta reported that Dr Azahari had blown himself up in an apparent bid to avoid being captured alive.

Azahari was a doctor believe it or not and seemed to have a special talent and attraction to bombs:

He was also said to be an expert in explosives and in bomb making. He had acquired the skills at one of al-Qaeda’s training camps in Afghanistan. He fled the country in 2001 together with several others when police launched a crackdown on Kumpulan Militant Malaysia and the Jemaah Islamiah.

Dr Azahari was allegedly involved in several bombings in Jakarta, including the J.W. Marriott hotel blast, as well as the Bali bombings in October 2002 and this year.

This is good news and another terrorist killer as been eliminated and moves on to their final place, enjoy hell Dr. Azahari Husin.............................