Friday, May 19, 2006

Doctors Making House Calls Again - For Cats & Dogs

Here is a great idea and one that will no doubt be a smashing success. Per the AP, veterinarians are starting to make house calls in a growing number:

Rossi is part of a growing number of veterinarians who make house calls because of the low overhead costs and the freedom that comes with it. "For older people, for people with disabilities, for animals that hate to go in, it's really nice and it helps me to see animals in their own environment," Rossi said.

It's cheaper in terms of overhead for the vet and it has to be a huge hit with the owners because it is a much better scenario for the owners pet. We have a 4 year old Brittany (same breed as this one) who loves to go any where in a car including the vets. To her I guess what's the big deal, so you get a few shots but it's worth getting out and smelling all those new smells. Our cat however is 16 years old, yes 16 years old which is 80 in human years, and anyone who owns a cat knows that even young cats hate two things: water and the vet.......................those two dislikes do not change with age and both can lead towards having an Angry Cat.............Per the pet owner in the AP article:

"It's just much more convenient for me and I think the animals react better to have her come rather than going to a vet's office, especially the cats," Vanco said.

Unlike our dog, the cat knows there is only one destination if she goes in the "carrier of hell" and for a ride in the car and that is the vet's office. I think anyone would opt for a program that makes the whole process easier for their old or sick pet if they could. The Doctor is out and on their way to a house call..........the animals are giving an all paws up on that one I'm sure..........................................