Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Technology in Bad Hands

News that terrorists in Iraq use Google Earth to get the blue prints for their attack points. Via The Telegraph UK:

Terrorists attacking British bases in Basra are using aerial footage displayed by the Google Earth internet tool to pinpoint their attacks, say Army intelligence sources. Documents seized during raids on the homes of insurgents last week uncovered print-outs from photographs taken from Google. The satellite photographs show in detail the buildings inside the bases and vulnerable areas such as tented accommodation, lavatory blocks and where lightly armoured Land Rovers are parked...................

Miracle Ending to Kidnappings: Two Boys Rescued - Abducted Four Years Apart

Two Missouri teenagers who were kidnapped four years apart, were both rescued today from the same location per the STL PD:

Ben Ownby, the 13-year-old Franklin County boy missing since Monday, has been found alive in Kirkwood -- as well as Shawn Hornbeck, a boy from Washington County who has been missing since 2002.

Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said officers located both boys today in an apartment in Kirkwood. He said the case broke when two Kirkwood police officers went to serve a warrant last night and noticed the white pickup truck that had been the object of an intense search in the Ownby case. Officers went to the apartment today and found both boys inside. Hornbeck identified himself as the boy who has been missing since October 2002. Both boys appeared to be in good health, Toelke said.

The abductor in custody has confessed per the Post:

One person has been charged in the case, identified as Michael Devlin, 41,Toelke said. He was being held in lieu of $1 million bond and being questioned as the news of the boys' recovery was announced. Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Parks told reporters that Devlin had confessed in the case.

How amazing that they not only found recently abducted Ben Ownby but also Hornbeck who has been missing four plus years, together and they both are alive.............truly an amazing and wonderful development.....................

Local STL Fox 2 has video and pictures, NBC 7 also,

A local radio station is reporting that a Michael Devlin apparently posted a comment on the Shawn Hornbeck webpage which if true makes a sick-o an even bigger sick-o monster.............The webpage isn't coming up because of current traffic I'm sure.........................The evil facts on who Devlin is and exactly what he has done will unfold over the next several days and that will be a terrible story to read, but the important thing right now is both children have been found and both are alive. A picture of the monster responsible for this is below.............

Not to minimize or take away from the absolute joy the Ownby's are obviously experiencing, but my goodness how overwhelmed Harnbeck's parents must be after four years to have this joyful ending. Word on the local radio was that Harnbecks parents were being interviewed by Fox about the Ownby abduction when they got the call that their son had been found, alive...............Wow, what an amazing and great ending to this story............................................

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dems Bail on 100 Hour Plan Due to Iraq Spending

Prediction, the Dem leadership that now controls the Senate & House will attempt to use the Presidents decision to increase the troop size in Iraq to bail them out of their 100 hour agenda promise after taking power. Via NYT:

The office of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, followed with an announcement that the House would also take up a resolution in opposition to a troop increase. House Democrats were scheduled to meet Wednesday morning to consider whether to interrupt their carefully choreographed 100-hour, two-week-long rollout of their domestic agenda this month to address the Iraq war.

Here is what it will probably sound like: we can't pay as we go because the President is irresponsibly spending money in Iraq, we can't enact the 911 commission recommendations because Bush is spending irresponsibly in Iraq, we can't address the ethics problem in Washington because Bush is spending all the damn kick-back/ pork money in Iraq and oh yea that whole refrigerator cash thing down in New Orleans.....................

President Bush's Iraq Speech

This quote from the President's speech I think sums it all up (full text):

The challenge playing out across the broader Middle East is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of our time. On one side are those who believe in freedom and moderation. On the other side are extremists who kill the innocent, and have declared their intention to destroy our way of life. In the long run, the most realistic way to protect the American people is to provide a hopeful alternative to the hateful ideology of the enemy – by advancing liberty across a troubled region. It is in the interests of the United States to stand with the brave men and women who are risking their lives to claim their freedom – and help them as they work to raise up just and hopeful societies across the Middle East.............

Lets hope the pessimists don't win, because I don't think this is a battle we can afford to quit and walk away from because it's messy, hard and has not been wrapped up within a couple years......................

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cindy Sheehan "We Put You In Power - We Own You"

I'd hate to be a dem as they take power of congress. Per the Bussiness Journal:

House Democrats tried to unveil their lobbying reform package today, but their press conference was drowned out by chants from anti-war activists who want Congress to stop funding the Iraq war before taking on other issues.

Led by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a slain soldier, the protesters chanted "De-escalate, investigate, troops home now" as Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., began outlining the Democrats' plans to ban lobbyist-funded travel and institute other ethics reforms. The press conference was held in the Cannon House Office Building in an area open to the public. Sheehan says she has nothing against lobbying reform, but she and her fellow anti-war activists want Democrats to know they will keep pressuring Congress to end the war in Iraq.

"We wanted the Democrats to know they're back in power because of the grass roots," Sheehan says.

Not a good gang to sleep with I say...................................